Our Services

We offer a range of cost, risk, schedule and project controls services to help advise and inform our clients on the most likely cost outcome of their projects.

Cost Management

  • Procurement advice

  • Risk analysis + reduction

  • Cost impact of alternative options + design solutions

  • Cost optimization 

  • Reconciliation

  • Defend client's interests

  • Design Review Oversight

  • Bid management advice

Consulting Services

  • Risk consulting including risk analysis, management, contingency, reduction 

  • Data analytics

  • Benchmarking, predict outcomes, variable relationships, drawing meaning

  • Sense

  • Construction economics

  • Market analysis + participants

Budgets + Viability

  • Establish cost effective budget

  • "Live" cost modeling by program or element

  • Cost implication of scope, program + location 

  • Market economic analysis 

  • Benchmarking, comparisons, expectation setting 

  • Inform client on funding requirements + project business case

  • Optimize project resources

  • Strategic risk impacts

Cost Estimation

  • Estimates in uniformat CSI + by program

  • Bifocation elementally, by trade + function/use

  • Cost modeling + matching early design to available budgets

  • Take off + experience-based assumptions

  • Quantified take off + fully priced estimates

  • Detailed market knowledge

  • Fully quantified complete reconciled cost estimates

  • Use of government-based estimating formats

Importance of Quality Cost Management

We understand that a key metric of any construction project’s measure of success will be its ability to deliver value for money in the eyes of those who commission, fund, design and occupy the building.


Our consulting service is specifically designed to provide the maximum amount of relevant, qualitative information on cost, uncertainty and risk at the earliest possible time in the planning, design and construction processes, in order to make it possible for clients and design teams to effectively plan, control and manage the cost of construction.